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About Behavior of Border Collie

Border Collie temperament

A dog that is both sensitive and intense, the Border Collie is bursting with energy. He has repeatedly been recognized as the most intelligent race and his intellectual faculties go hand in hand with his need to use his brain.

The Border, as it is called, has only one purpose in life, to work! As a responsible guardian of this very special breed of dog, your role will be to find an outlet for all of its energy. Otherwise he will find a job: chasing lights and shadows, guarding the corridors, sounding the alarm at the slightest noise, managing the children and... You won't like that!

Physical characteristics of this sheepdog

Physically, the Border Collie is a medium-sized dog of about 18 kg with a slender build. Her dress is short or long. All ear ports are accepted. The most traditional color is black and white, although there are others.

Its head is often adorned by a pretty white smooth which makes the bridge between the muzzle and the top of the head. Speaking of muzzle, that of the Border Collie is long and pointed. One of the most distinctive physical signs of the breed is the way it walks, belly to the ground, when guiding cattle. This is a silhouette that we recognize instantly!

In addition to being a good herding dog, the Border Collie also excels in canine sports. Whether in agility, flyball, fantasy, scent detection and even canicross, the reputation of this exceptional canine is second to none.

Because he learns quickly, because he is full of energy and, let's face it, because training him is not exactly optional in his case (ha ha!), the Border has all the qualities to be a fantastic athlete. !

The Border Collie, for which type of family?

The Border Collie is the most wonderful dog on Earth…if its needs are met. He is a dog that needs to move and work a lot. Playing by himself in the yard, for him, is not enough. No matter how big your fenced garden is.

A Border Collie needs to move with you, think with you, and occupy with you. He is not a dog made to be alone and organize himself.

Watch out for ball games for hours, hours and hours. Not only can you injure your dog from the repetitive rapid movements, but it will never wear him out. Your Border could play forever. What he needs is to use his brain.

No problem, you say to yourself, I'll take him to the dog park, he can burn off his energy with his canine friends! Error! Although there are exceptions, the Border Collie is generally not a social dog with its peers.

Like I said, what he wants is to work with you. Going to play with the other dogs to run in circles is, for him, a waste of time. Worse still, he could become completely overexcited by the incessant movement and develop inappropriate behaviors.

Of course, this is just a generalization, some adult dogs of this breed like to play with their peers.

Impatient, he does not accept politeness deviations from other members of the canine community and will put in their place dogs that he considers intrusive, too excited or whose company he does not like. Canine reactivity issues are common in the breed for all of these reasons.

Border Collie puppies are some of the cutest. Beware of impulse purchases! This is NOT a dog for everyone. Even less as a first dog. Did you know one that you loved? It is indeed a fantastic breed. But beware! The absolutely brilliant dog you saw was the result of excellent training and many many many daily physical and mental exercises to achieve this. Are you ready to put in all this work to, perhaps, achieve the same result?

Funny facts about the Border Collie!

The qualities of the Border as a herding dog are also its worst faults. Many people are completely overwhelmed, as their dog chases everything that moves, trying to round up children, other dogs, cars, bicycles, runners, cats, etc. Does your dog stare at the balls with an air of addiction? Does he bite his ankles? He suddenly freezes when excited? Congratulations, it's a Border!

Health of the Border

Border Collies can easily develop ocds (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in Dogs), anxiety disorders, and neurological issues. This is why it is imperative to pick up your puppy from an ethical breeder or an adult evaluated in a shelter.


In the right hands, a Border Collie is one of the most lovable dogs on the planet. A Border Collie is a lifelong friend who will never let you down. Summer or winter, rain, wind, heat wave, he will always be by your side, ready for a walk or to go to work and will love nothing more, in the evening, than to snuggle up on the sofa by your side while scratch the head.

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