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About me and my dogs!


I introduce myself, Krysthel Moore and I am the owner of the Diablo Border breeding. I had my first business in the canine world in 2016, I was doing dog parties and canine information fairs (sports, breeds, breeders, nutrition, etc.). After 3 years of life, I closed my business to become a pitougrapher! Yes, yes, a dog photographer! My Pitougraphe business is still running to this day and I added Diablo Tricks Spark Team. I am now certified Do More With Your Dog Coach in trick dog, canine fitness, Stunt Dog and Animal Actor.


All my Border Collies will have titles in several disciplines (I love seeing them work in these disciplines so much!) I'm also active in dockdiving, in Frisbee (I'm captain of a Toss & Fetch league). I am also a certified judge with the Canadian Disc Dog Association and i'm also a evaluator of Canine Good Neighbor for the Canadian Kennel Club. I'm also into sheep and duck herding, rat sports, freestyle, Sprinter and Rally-O.


I had my passion for the Border Collie when I got my first Border to do photo tricks. I discovered this breed with her and I literally fell in love with the breed, I could not help but contribute to this wonderful breed that is the Border Collie.

Diablo Border is an ethically bred Border Collie breed. All breeders are OFA hip and eye tested. They also all pass Orivet DNA testing (All Breed Genetic Disease Testing). All dogs are CBCA registered.


All puppies will be socialized, desensitized to several stimuli. In collaboration with a canine behaviorist, we have developed a program for the puppies so that they are in the best possible conditions when they leave the siblings. They also leave with a starter kit and the puppies are fed kibble, but it is possible to make an introduction to the raw on request. All my breeders are on the raw.


All the puppies leave with a contract of obligation of sterilization before their 2 years (request of proof in support), of repossession of the dog in the event of abandonment (if you can no longer keep the dog I take it back, regardless of age), a guarantee of 2 years on hereditary diseases and 10 viral days.

My dogs!

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(OFA Test,  ADN test, the behavior and all titles)




Born September 17th, 2021



Born December 23th, 2022



Born February 12th, 2024

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Excepted at 2025

Our Team
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